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Happy 4th  / Rosemary

Happy 4th of July from 
our family to yours.

Happy 4th  / Gail Mom Crystal Earnhart

Wishing you and yours an Happy 4th of July
What a beautiful Person Milo was, Imagine him an Angel x  / Valerie Haslett

I have just read all of your site.
What a wonderful human you were.
Son, Brother, Uncle Friend
I can understand your family being proud of you.
And yet you were with such earthly ideal it seems.
I am so sorry that earth lost such a lovely young man
But heaven is so much the better for your presence there.
God Bless you Milo 
x x x

I am always here, don't walk this road alone.  / Rosemary (friend)

This long road of sorrow and pain was not
meant to be walked alone, let me 
walk along beside you. 

Never to be forgotten  / Stephanie Randolph (Angel Family )
Milo reminds me so much of my brother, Jimmy. I know that your heart is breaking but know that Milo is there with you. He will live forever in your heart.

I know that Milo and Jimmy must be wrestling as we speak. Please feel free to email me any time. We will lean on one another until the sweet day that we can be with our loved ones again.

Fathers Day  / Rosemary


Wishing you all a peaceful Fathers Day.

Thank you Marla  / Rosemary (friend)

Thank you so much for the gift.
 I look forward to receiving it. 
You are a dear friend.

I'll see you again brother!  / James Webb (Best Friend )

I remember going home to Las Vegas wounded after my freshman year at Stanford.  My confidence was at an all-time low and I expected nothing but sympathy from my best friend to help me cope with the disappointment I felt.  That's not what I got!  

I still recall you "ripping into me".  You looked at me and said I'd come home with my tail between my legs.  I use that story as my motivation in life now.  You saw something in me that I never realized was there.  Thank you for never giving up on me buddy.  It's hard to imagine that you were more excited about my acceptance into Stanford than I was.  I am truly blessed to have had you in my life.  No one has taken or will ever take your place.  

It brings a smile to my face every time I talk to my wife, Heather (you remember her), about you and our mis-adventures (ha, ha).  You never allowed me to take any shortcuts, because you knew I could rise to the occasion when the time was right.  You pushed me beyond my wildest dreams and we conquered our wildest dreams and fears...together.  We earned it as a team. 
You're in a better place now.  I'll see you after a while.  It won't be too long.

Brothers forever,
James Webb

p.s. Now the cross that I have tattoo'd on my chest has a place for you and my late Aunt.  You're always with me!  Brothers think alike. 
Memorial Day  / Rosemary

Thinking of your angel and your 
family this Memorial Weekend

This is for you Milo your mum and family.xoxoxoxoxhugs-.  / Angela Wrate Nickys Mum (forever friend )
Happy Memorial Day Sweet Milo  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )

For Milo and his mum and family xxxx  / Angela Wrate Nicky's Mum (Angel forever friend )
For you....  / Rosemary

Thank you Marla for all that you do to 
brighten my days. 

Thanking you  / Ray Bittinger (none)

  Thank you so much for visiting Nick and Angie's sites. I am sorry that it's taken me this long to respond, but taking care of a loved ones site is so hard on a greiving parent, as you well know, and I have two sites to take care of. I am very, very sorry for your loss of Milo, your loving son. The love for you and the family radiates in his glowing smile. 


For Marla and family .  / Angela Wrate Nicky's Mum (forever friend )

Milo the memories you have left for your mum are so special.
This is for you Marla and your family .
hope it gives you all some comfort.
Always in my thoughts .xoxox
SUNSHINE / Nancy Davis   Read >>
To Milos friend  / Rosemary   Read >>
To Milos friend  / Rosemary

You know how special you are to me.
 I just wanted to remind you that
you are loved and cared for.
 I am always here for you.

Just to let ya know...  / Rosemary   Read >>
Just to let ya know...  / Rosemary
I just wanted to remind you 
that I am here if you need a friend. 

Thinking of you dear Marla xo  / Jane Einarson Matthew's Mom (I care~angel Mom friend )  Read >>
Thinking of you dear Marla xo  / Jane Einarson Matthew's Mom (I care~angel Mom friend )
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