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Thinking of you  / Georgina ~. Holly ~. Clarke ~. Mummy

With love and thoughts to Jeffreyand his family on his angel date xx
Just seemed like a good time...  / Rosemary

This just seemed like a good time to give you this.
I think alot of you Marla and you know I will always 
care about you. That's what friends are for.
love to you,

Milo thinking of you & your family today xxx  / Delia Allan Tomlin's Mum Precious Memorials

In loving remembrance of Milo...  / Rosemary

A candle to burn bright in Milo's memory. 
Love to you all and Milo too. 
Rosemary & family

For one of my dearest friends...  / Rosemary


Butterflies....... / Diane Angel Mom- Katie Cassidy (I care )
"How does one become a butterfly??"
Pooh asked persively

"You must want to fly so much that your willing to give up being a caterpillar,"
piglet replied.......

"You mean die??"
Asked pooh

"Yes and no" he answered
"What looks like you die but what's REALLY you live on."

author - A.A. Milan

Thinking of you angel and your family  / Rosemary

Thinking of you angel and your family once again. I saw your 
video and it made me stop and think how the lives we live
can touch others hearts and make such a deep impression
before and after death. You are truely an amazing Angel 
and you have been blessed to have an amazing Mother. 
Be close to her and ask God to bless her real good for me.
Love to you sweetie,
Rosemary, sis of Angel Alvin Cremeans
and his family

Thinking of you Marla & your family  / Rosemary

Thinking of you Marla and your family during this difficult time of year. I am praying for all of you and praying that you will all find
strength, courage, and peace to face each new day. May you all find joy in the memories of Milo and in the love you share for one another. I am still here if you need someone to talk with or anything else I might be able to help you with. I love you my dear friend. 

Precious Angel Milo..  / Rosemary

I will be thinking of you and your
sweet family alot this month Milo.
Be near to your family.
love to you and them,

Thought of you Angel when I found this  / Rosemary

I thought of you Angel when I found this so
I had it personalized just for you. Hope you
like it.
Milo you have a new angel in heaven, he is my
uncle, would you make him feel welcomed. We are
going to miss him so would you give us a bit of strength
and comfort to get through this once more.
Love to you, Mom, and family

I've Never Seen Them Cry . . .  / Your Mom

I've never seen them cry,
Any of them.

Not once,
One single tear,
One muted weep,
One choked cry,
One painful sob,
One throbbing moan,
One excruciating wail,
One silent scream.
Not once.

How couldn't they?
Why shouldn't they?
Do they not know
Of a love so deep,
That all I can do from within
Is weep, weep, weep.

One single heart,
One muted soul,
One choked body,
One painful mind,
One throbbing spirit,
One excruciating love.

I've never seen them cry.
Any of them,

Not once.

Beautiful butterfly xx  / Kelly BALDRY XX (Joe knowles mum xxx )
There once was a waterbug who lived in a deep pond with hundreds of other waterbugs, all of them busy daily with their usual chores and errands... and every day one of these waterbugs would climb up the stem of a water lily, up..up..up.. till it would reach a lily pad and then "poof", disappear..and never return to the rest of the waterbugs. Well, every day this waterbug would watch these mates climb up this stem and he would wonder, "Where are they going...and why do they never return?" "What is it like up there?" Some of the other bugs would reply that they had no idea, they just always wondered. So the waterbug replied "Well, if I ever decide to climb up there, I promise I will return, and I will tell you all what it is like up there." Well the day finally came that this waterbug was to have its turn up the stem of the lily pad, and up he went. When he reached the top of the lily pad he was amazed, it was such a beautiful place, lush with greenery and fragrant flowers, and wonderful warm, bright sunlight, and the melody of chirping birds and a wonderful sense of peace...then all of a sudden, he felt a change come over him. He began to develop wings like a beautiful butterfly, and he fluttered them in the warm breeze and began to fly around and explore this beautiful new surrounding. He met up with other butterflies, that he now recognized as mates that were once waterbugs, too! He flew for hours, darting in and out of flower gardens,it was a glorious place and he was in awe of it all. After a while he grew tired and fluttered back to the same lily pad. He looked down into the water below and could see his whole colony just busy as usual, running errands and chores. He tried to get their attention, fluttering his wings, but not one payed attention to him. Then he remembered his promise. But he realized now why none of the other waterbugs ever returned. As a butterfly he could not enter the water and nor would he want to, because this place was paradise. But he knew that eventually every one of those waterbugs would have their turn up the stem of that waterlily, and they too would gain their wings, and they too would be here in this paradise and never want to return to that dark place of worry and chores and errands.....and such is life....and such is death 

thinking of you all. Kelly xxx
Something to help Mom through the rough times.  / Rosemary (friend)

Hugs and prayers to all. 
Love you Milo and Marla.

You Have Touched My Heart  / Marlene Bohn Erics Mom (Angel Mother )

Dear Marla,

    Thankyou for your loving words about our Eric n Milo. I believe our sons have 

    a geniune smile so catching liting up a room when they walk in. I feel the love

   caring hopes n dreams u had for Milo during his short life. He adored you by 

  the smile n look on his face in the picture. Eric to loved me unconditionally I 
  was his biggest fan. I was crazy in love with him always there when he needed

 me. Never letting him down I stood tall when n for what he believed because

 Eric always told it like it was. If a teacher at school gave him a difficult time
 he would say you dont like me n I dont like you. His attributes like Milos were

 laid back easy going an old soul I would tell him. Not really saying alot just

 hangin with friends doing his thing. I prayed eachday that life would never take

 my sons before me My prayers went unanswered. Marla my heart is forever

 broken n shattered like yours. Reach take my hand walk beside me eachday

 for I need a friend n You've gotta a friend. Angel Mom Marlene ^i^

 For days I have woke up sad lonley feeling so down. Today when I read your

loving caring kind words you touched my heart n soul. Bless you!!!!

                                  All My Love Marlene

Everytime I Speak Your Name . . .  / Marla Williamson (Your Mom )

Soft as a feather your name
Touches my lips,
My mind, my heart.
Feelings of love
And loss fill me suddenly.
Joy, I've found at last,
Is touched by sadness
And emptiness without you.  And yet,
I live.
I breathe and go on
As best I can.  Bravely,
I dream of conversations
And escapades,
Though now just memories,
So real for a moment.
I cry for myself.
The helplessness is terrifying
And cruel.
The quiet thunders in my ears.
Memories of a smile,
A look, a laugh, flood my mind until
I laugh and cry for want of you.
Oh how I wish
Things could be different,
If only for a moment more with you.
I bless your name and God
For his love in letting me know you.
For our whole lifetime together.
Like music, your spirit surrounds me,
Bearing me up when my heart sinks.
I thank God for you, my angel,
Every time I speak your name,

-author unknown


Precious Memories  / Shirley Dean
I know the grief we all bear seems at times too much to bear.  I wanted to share a story with you.  We worry about our loved one being forgotten.
My daughter got this idea that she wanted to contact my son Billy's friends after 38 years and tell them about the site.  She talked to some Army friends and school classmates as well.  All the years did not take their memories away.  They remember my Billy.  I was amazed that his memory was indeed living on.  They love him still.  I thought this was so heartwarming to know that Billy is remembered.  It comforted her knowing that her son will always be remembered too.
My son and my grandson will be forever young and forever remembered in the lives of others and that is the best medicine I could ever receive for my broken heart.  
I still grieve for Billy and for Dusty that is only only because I loved them and miss them.  Sometimes love hurts and this is one of those times.
Memories of Billy are still so fresh it is just like yesterday that I last saw my baby boy.  God has blessed me with so many precious memories that are mine and nobody can take them.  So I look at the pain that I endure as part of the loving process because without the pain I would have never loved.
I want to thank each one of you who light candles for Billy.  It is really hard for me to light because all this computer stuff is Greek to me, but each day I say prayers for all of you.  God has never failed me yet and God has brought you to me and I thank Him daily.

Remember you loved one will be never be forgotten, how blessed.

Shirley Dean
From Milo and Rosemary for Mom  / Rosemary And Your Angel (friends)  Read >>
From Milo and Rosemary for Mom  / Rosemary And Your Angel (friends)


You have not been just a good Mother but a good friend too
Mom.  And Rosemary says thank you too for being her friend. 

To Milo my Son's Angel Friend  / Marvin Hardin (Son's Angel Friend )  Read >>
To Milo my Son's Angel Friend  / Marvin Hardin (Son's Angel Friend )
Milo, i feel as though i've know you for a long time. I just met your Mom on pos, and she is a great lady. Send her lots of HUGS!!! and watch over her. Milo you are missed by many,but will never be forgotten,and always LOVED!!!! Marvin Sr.Pop of Marvin Jr.(Marvo) Close
DEAR GOD  / BETH Dickerson (Jimmy's Mom )  Read >>
DEAR GOD  / BETH Dickerson (Jimmy's Mom )
Thinking of you all  / Rosemary(Alvins Sis) (Friends)  Read >>
Thinking of you all  / Rosemary(Alvins Sis) (Friends)


I think this pretty much says all I wanted to say
except that I love all of you. 
Rosemary and family

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