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EASTER WISHES TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY  / LuAnn Mom Of ^j^Bob Demartino (friend)

2 1/2 years today. I know your hurting my friend.  / Joyce Yack Matthews Mom (friend)

           I'm sitting here today and thinking of you. I know how hard today and most days are. We share the same pain. Just keep telling yourself, he is with you, remember, LOVE NEVER DIES.
I'm here if you need me.
Your forever friend,

Happy St. Patrick's Day Milo and family  / Rosemary

For Milo and his family  / Rosemary Sis Of ^j^ Alvin Cremeans

Love you Milo and Marla
Rosemary sis of ^j^  Alvin Cremeans

Happy Birthday Milo  / Teri Drebit (Jaime's Mom)

May sweet memories of Milo fill your hearts today and always.  Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

With Love,
(Jaime's Mom)

Happy Birthday Angel Milo!  / Rosemary Sis Of ^j^ Alvin Cremeans

Happy Birthday Milo! I am sure you are having a grand
celebration in Heaven. Your mom loves you so much and misses
you so much. I hope you share some of that Heavenly birthday
cake with my brother whom I love and miss more and more 
every day. Please give a hug from me and his mother. 
Reach down and hug your family ever so tight and let them feel your
presence today surrounding them with love. Love to you Milo.
Marla I am sorry I haven't emailed as much lately but I have a
hard week. Just when I think I am doing better, wham it knocks 
my legs out from under me. I miss him so much as I know you do
Milo. I will email very soon, you keep my family and I in your 
prayers ok? I will do the same as you. You know I care and
I would never forget you or you sweet boy Milo. Take care of
yourself for me friend. 
love and prayers today and always,

Happy Birthday Jeffrey  / Candy Lynch (Friend)
I know you will be having a beautiful day in Heaven with our Angels God Bless ur family Hugs Candy and Jai xoxo
Happy Birthday  / Joyce Yack Matthews Mom (Friend of Mom )

Thinking of you all on this Birthday of Milo's. Oh what a party he'll have in Heaven, and with all our Angels to celebrate him along with Milo. Happy Birthday Milo !!!
Love you you,
Your Forever Friend in Grief,,,Love ya, Joyce
Thinking of Milo & his Family  / Lacey Wife Of Angels Douglas Kielty (none)
I found this site and had to lite a candle Milo reminded me of my husband in ways, who had passed away over 7 months ago. Milo sounds like a wonderful person who had a big heart. I know times are tough I have experienced them, but keep your heads high knowing that Milo would not want anyone to be sad. Our angels are w/ us each & everyday watching down on us guiding our way Thinking of you & your family GOD BLESS
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY MILO  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )

Thank you Marla  / Rosemary

Thank you Marla, you are a dear friend.
God bless, watch over you, and comfort you.
love and prayers,

A valentine for a very special angel  / Rosemary

Valentines day  / Julie Thomas Packer

Thinking of you and your family Milo

Never forgotten  / Rosemary

You will never be forgotten Milo.


Milo / Gail Mom Crystal Earnhart (^l^ friend )
happy birthday from precious memorials  / Precious Memorials
eternal flame  / PRECIOUS MEMORIALS   Read >>
eternal flame  / PRECIOUS MEMORIALS
For Mom's love  / Rosemary   Read >>
For Mom's love  / Rosemary

I remembered you love roses Marla. 
I hope these bring a smile to your face,
you deserve a bunch of them. 
love to you all,

Tommys friend  / Hi Its Me Again (angel friends of Milo )  Read >>
Tommys friend  / Hi Its Me Again (angel friends of Milo )

Hi! Its me again the one who babled on about my friend Tommys suicide, sorry didnt realize it was so long, wanted to tell you I visited my friend Tommy And I asked him to look out for your boy and to send you all STRENGTH...Hes a great friend and I know he'll help he helps me alot over the years when I ask he usually listens!!!! Thats my Tommy always thinking of others and always the Healer & the Helper, he'll do right by your boy he'll watch out for him until you all reunite and your family chain links again......GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Praying for you  / Rosemary   Read >>
Praying for you  / Rosemary

Marla and Jim,
I am praying for the two of you with love,

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