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I'm So So Sorry!  / Patty Lovell (sister of Milo )


I am so so sorry for missing your ANGEL DATE! I have no excuse, but I know you have been watching out for me. I have had so much DRAMA going on in my home that I am just about NON-FUNCTIONAL! I love you and Dad with every part of my being and I would not have let that slip my mind any other time! PLEASE< PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I am also so sorry if I have hurt MOM in any way by this, it surly was not intentional!  I guess I have to ask this question now, because it is really weighing heavy on my heart!


Am I still a sister,now that you are gone?

And that part of me can never be replaced.

Am I still a sister, to that which death has stolen?

And I cry for the part of us never more to be.

Am I still a sister, though time has torn us apart?

And life forever changed, different, and displaced.

Am I still a sister, the things we share no more?

And how I miss the times we could have had, oh so smilngly.

Am I still a sister, without your tender touch?

And is it still the same, this new path I chart.

Am I still a sister, the phone will never ring?

And never will I ever hear your voice,

as I wait in wandering.

Am I still a sister,without you in my life?

Of course, because you see,

you live forever now and in my HEART!

Love you Lil Bro!


We love you Marla!  / Laurri Lowe
Marla, how our hearts ache for you. Know that we love you and are holding you in our thoughts and prayers.
Hold on to your sweet memories and remember, God has a plan for you.
Dave and I are part of it!
We love you!
Dave and Laurri
Dear Family  / Karen Smith (Angel Family )
My deepest condolences..
Thinking of you with love  / Precious Memorials
Let Your Light Shine  / Katie

Milo,    Light the path for Jim as he makes his way home and to be with you.  Hold you mother tightly in your love....she's going to need us now more than ever.  I Love Her you know? Her friendship is a true gift, that I will be forever grateful for. 

Marla,    I am here forever, for whatever. Dont you ever hesitate to call matter what time of the day or night, you need to talk/scream/cry/laugh or just remember. You are a wonderful person! I will never beable to explain why such hurtful things happen to such good people....but we will get through this.  Dont for one minute think that Stacy and the kids, Me and whole bunch of other people dont need you in our lives....I know you feel like all your strength is spent over the last few years, but there is more inside, I know you, I've seen it. You were the strength for Jim with his cancer, You have helped me to see the light in so many places I thought it had gone out.  Dont give up!!

I Love you my dear dear friend. Just as you are in my heart that too is where your family is....I called a little bit ago, it was Jim's voice on the answering machine, funny I just felt when he said "problem is I cant get to my phone right now" He is home Marla...What a amazing feeling that must be for him, to be surround by so much love. Our day is coming, someday we will all be together, when our work here is done.  My heart is breaking and the tears are falling... I so wish I could be there to give you a hug.......I gotta go for now. You remember WE all LOVE YOU -- BIGGER THAN THE SKY!

Always a Friend,


Never Forgotten Precious Angel  / Susan~Kurt

Sending my love to you Milo and your precious parents. Miss talking to you Miss Marla.. Love you both. xxoo Susan~Kurt

Happy Mother's Day...Marla xoxo  / Teri Drebit ((Jaime's Mom) )

A million thanks  / Catherine Costello
Dear Marla,   today has been a very bad day ,missing steven so much ,and then i went to his site,, thank you so very much it is beautiful.  You are a good friend   love Catherine
A gift for you  / ANgie Trevizo Mom Of Christopher

A special person  / Catherine Costello (none)
Dear Marla, Idont know what to say to thank you. With all you and jim are going through, you still find time to visit steven,s site i just sat and cried today when i visited his site you are a very special person.Iwish i could be with you in person to give you a hug but i am always thinking of you jim and milo .I wish i was half the person you are always in my prayers,  love and best wishes Catherine
I did not know Jeffrey personally, but his life affects me.  / Tina T. (I did not know Jeffrey )
Oh Dear Family of Jeffrey

I empathize your your pain, and  I feel your pain deeply.  I found out about Jeffrey's memorial site through the suicide memorial wall.  My brother David A. Dill is on the #1 wall of it.

There are no words that can ever ease the pain you  are living though, but  I hope that in some small way, that you know that my heart goes out to your family, The family of Jeffrey.

I have been a survivor of  my  precious loved one suicide,  His name was David.  He enjoyed many things at one time. 

He enjoyed painting. drawing, playinig guitar on both the acoustic and bass.  Dave also loved  fast cars and racing.

Probably things you don't want to hear about in our pain and grief

I am sure that I have over extended my stay on Jeffrey's  memorial sight.   Just wanted you to know that people understand your pain, mmaybe not your exact  pain, but have prayers  of you in mind,,,,,,,,,

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY JIM - LOVE YA MARLA  / Debbie Wengert Kevin's Mom

Thinking of you Precious Angel Milo  / Julie

Just a reminder  / Rosemary

Marla I know you are busy but I wanted to remind you that I am

with all my love.



Thinking of you Marla  / Rosemary   Read >>
Thinking of you Marla  / Rosemary

Thank you dear Marla for all that you do for our angel
and our family. You are a very dear friend and you
along with Milo will always be in my heart.

Dear Marla....  / Karen Webb (Lacki) (Old Neighbor )  Read >>
Dear Marla....  / Karen Webb (Lacki) (Old Neighbor )
Dear Marla, Jim, Stacy & family.... Justin and I have been searching around for you and I came upon this tribute site.  My goodness, I am SOOOOO terribly sorry to hear of Milo.  I have no words that can possibly express my sorrow and sadness or that could bring you comfort for such a devastating loss.  My heart and my prayers go out to all of you.  

If you can, get in touch with me.  I'm always on the net.  I still love you all.  I hope to hear from you.

Karen  Close
Milo and family  / Gail Mom Crystal Earnhart (^l^ friend )  Read >>
Milo and family  / Gail Mom Crystal Earnhart (^l^ friend )
HAPPY EASTER  / Lucinda~Gma2Angel Sheyenne Chappell   Read >>
HAPPY EASTER  / Lucinda~Gma2Angel Sheyenne Chappell
From The Beard & Chappell Family Close
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